George Fenneman
Carol Merrill
Bern Bennett
Your Surprise Package
CBS Daytime: 3/13/1961 - 2/23/1962
Unsold Pilot for CBS Primetime: 1/17/1962
Singer Productions

"BENNETT: It's YOUR SURPRISE PACKAGE! Guess what's in it and you win it. And audience, can you guess what's in it? (Audience: GEORGE FENNEMAN) BENNETT: That's right, it's the star of our show, GEORGE FENNEMAN!"

Your Surprise Package was a short-lived daytime game show where contestants win prizes inside a mystery package.


Three players compete on this show and used clues to identify and win the contents of a mystery package. The players were each given the same cash amount as the retail value of the mystery prize. Each player could buy time to ask questions about the prize. After every 45 seconds of questioning, a clue would be given about the prize. The first player to identify the contents of the surprise package won that prize. If no one identified the prize after five clues, the prize would be awarded to a member of the studio audience.


A board game was released by Ideal in 1961.



Carol Merrill went on to become the model for the venerable Let's Make a Deal.

YouTube LinkEdit

Intro to the 1962 primetime pilot

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