Cameron Mathison
Diane Mizota
John Moschitta Jr.
Your Place or Mine
TLC: 6/8/2008-7/13/2008
GRB Entertainment for TLC

Your Place or Mine? (not to be confused with the short-lived 2004 MTV game show Your Face or Mine?) was a short-lived, six week only game show where two families compete in a battle of trivia questions while completing design related tasks in an attempt to win a completely made-over new rooms in their respective house and win a brand new car.


The Game is played by correctly answering a toss-up question in order to establish control of a category, after which additional questions in that same category earn points for the controlling family. Families can continue to answer questions as long as they have control, but lose control as well as any earned points if they answer any question incorrectly. Families can also elect to "lock" any points they have by ceding control after any correct answer.

Once a family earns enough points to win the round, they win the corresponding furnishing room. In pseudo-real time, co-host Diane Mizota is shown leading a crew of movers into the winner's home to immediately remove the old furnishings and install the new ones. This finishes during a commercial break, after which they "reveal" for the new room is presented.

The major "twist" in the show was that when a family wins a room, they have either the option of either taking that room or stealing a room which has previously won by the other family. If they opted to steal then the movers must restore the original room configuration of the victims' theft and then move the furnishing into the other house.

At the end of the show, the family with the most points plays a bonus round where one family member sits in a chair facing away from the rest of the family and nominates one of the other family members to answers questions based on a category given by Mathison. Only five questions are available and if the family can manage to answer three of the five questions correctly before missing any three questions incorrectly, they win a new car.


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