You Lie Like a Dog was Animal Planet's short-lived variation of To Tell the Truth with an animal-theme to it.


Animal Planet: 1/31/2000-12/01/2000


J Walking Productions


JD Roberto


Round one introduces three people who all claim to own the same pet. It's up to the panel to determine who's "lying like a dog" by quizzing them about their day-to-day life with their pet. Panelists will asking everything imaginable from the pet's diet to pet tricks to snoring demonstrations. Locating the true owner in this round will earn the panelist 25 points.

In Round two, two "pet professionals" try to convince the panel that they are the true experts. The celebrity panelists know that only one is real, and can ask questions, request demonstrations and look anything else that will help them ferret out the fake. A correct guess in this round earns the panelist 25 points.

In the final round, each celebrity panelist is teamed up with one of the liars. If a panelist can get a liar to say an animal-related phrase in thirty seconds, the panelist receives 50 points while the liar receives $200.


Daniel Stein


Based on elements of To Tell the Truth by Mark Goodson & Bill Todman