Jackie Gleason
Johnny Olson
CBS Primetime: 1/20/1961
Steve Carlin Productions
Solar Enterprises
Idees Grandes Inc.

You're in the Picture was a one-episode flop of a panel game which quickly became known as one of the "biggest bombs" in television history.


A panel of four celebrities stick their heads into holes that were cut into a life-size picture. Each panelist gets a turn asking yes-or-no questions to host Gleason to figure out the content of the picture or what characters they portray in it. If the panel correctly guess the picture, then 100 CARE packages will be sent in their name, but if the panel fail to correctly guess the picture, then 100 CARE packages will be sent in Gleason's name.



  • One of the show's sponsors was Kellogg's, with Dennis James doing those adverts.
  • Only one episode aired of the game show format. The following week's "episode" consisted entirely of Gleason apologizing for what, as he noted during the half-hour, had seemed like a good idea in development but was blasted by most television critics following its debut.
  • To fill out Gleason's commitment to CBS, the format was converted to a one-on-one informal talk show simply titled The Jackie Gleason Show.


You're in the Picture @ Game Show Garbage

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