OPENING SPIEL: Today will (insert team 1 task)? Plus will (insert team 2 task)? And will (insert team 3 task)? Are ya ready? Get Set! AUDIENCE & Andi: You're On! (after theme song): And now here's your host, Phil Moore!

Rest of Spiel: Hey, thank you, and welcome to You're On, the show where (insert rhyming phrase about kids)! 

Catchphrases Edit

"Here's how the game works. Two contestants have to work together to try to convince unsuspecting people to do some silly/crazy stuff while our hidden cameras capture their every moment! They get ten minutes to complete each challenge, and if they complete the three tasks, they win a grand prize!" - Phil Moore (when explaining the rules)

"Let's check in with Vivianne/Travis for our first/next challenge!" - Phil Moore

"Back at/to ya/you, Phil!" - Andi

"Hey Andi, give me some names!" - Phil Moore

"From the (insert color) section, it's (gonna be) (insert two names)! You're On!" - Andi

"Alright, you guys are gonna decide how many tasks (insert names) are going to complete. If you think they will complete one task, you head over to number one. If you think they'll complete two, go over to number two. And if you think that they will complete all three tasks, you head over to number three. Now remember, (insert review of tasks)." - Phil Moore

"I'm here on location at (insert location) with (insert names) and we are ready to do our challenge called (insert name of challenge). (insert explanation of task). Think you can handle/do it? (Contestants: Yeah.) Okay, you guys come up with a strategy/plan, and I'll be over there watching you. (Back to you, Phil.)" - Vivianne/Travis

"Okay, so that's what the challenge is gonna be. Let's see what prize they will be playing for! Andi?" - Phil Moore

"Ready? Set? You're On!" - Vivianne/Travis

"Hey guess what? We just caught you on our Camouflage Camera, on Nickelodeon's hidden camera game show, You're On! Wave hi/hello!" - Vivianne/Travis

"Audience, how many tasks do you think (insert names) will complete? Is it one, two, or three? Help them out!" - Phil Moore

"Go to where you think how many tasks they'll complete!" - Phil Moore

"Okay, we have (insert number of people) on one, (insert number of people) on two, and (insert number of people) on three. Okay, let's check out/go back to the action!" - Phil Moore

"Contestants who don't complete all three tasks will receive a Kids Foot Locker $100 gift certificate, where you can score the coolest shoes and hottest clothes from all the most awesome brands! Gift certificates are also redeemable at all Foot Locker and Lady Foot Locker locations!" - Andi

Taglines Edit

"Hey, we gotta go, thanks for joining us, we'll see you next time on You're On!" - Phil Moore

"You're On was recorded in front of a live audience in Nickelodeon Studios at Universal Studios Florida!" - Andi