Phil Moore
Remote Persons
Vivianne Collins & Travis White
Andie Karvelis
You're on!
Nickelodeon: 1998-1999
Nickelodeon Productions
Marjesam Productions

You're On! was a show that took a premise similar to Candid Camera; however, to adopt the format better for a children's game show, this featured youth contestants trying to convince passersby to complete a series of predetermined tasks while unknowingly on camera.


Two kid contestants on a remote location would work together to complete three tasks, each with a common theme. The tasks involved convincing passerby to do silly things, like kissing a fish, put their bare feet in goopy stuff, or playing hopscotch with one kid riding piggyback on them. The kids had 10 minutes to do this. Performing all three tasks won a prize (such as a Nintendo 64, snowboards, or camping equipment), failing wins a smaller prize (usually a gift certificate).

Three games like this were played. The later two games had a feature called the "Runaround", played in the studio. Six people, two from each section of the audience, would be called down. After they saw the three tasks the kids had to perform, they had to guess how many tasks they thought the kids would complete. Getting it right won a prize. The first Runaround was all kids, while the second was three kids and three adults who were related to the former in some way.

At the end of the show, one of the adult Runaround losers and their respective kid would be called to center stage. Phil and the kid would then do messy things to them. These were based on at least one of the tasks from earlier in the show (usually the ones that weren't completed).

Theme LyricsEdit

I say you can!

I say you can't!

Can you do it?

You're on! You're on!

Additional Page Edit

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