Wilmer Valderrama
Jason Everhart
Sam Sarpong (Seasons 1-2)
Destiny Lightsy (Season 3)
Yo momma-show
MTV: 4/3/06-12/27/07
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Yo Momma features host Wilmer Valderrama (Fez on That '70s Show) criss-crossing the country in search of America's best trash-talkers.


The competition in the hometowns works like this: First, you have a freestyle battle against four other opponents. The top two are selected, and then battle it out to see who gets to represent their country. Meanwhile, the same scenario is happening in the opposing country. The winner of the battle goes to the winner of the other country's house, to get some dirt on the competition, and make it really personal. After that, the two winners go head-to-head in three rounds, with different categories:

  • Round 1:"Yo Momma..." jokes, with a specific topic (i.e. Weight, Height, Hygiene, etc.)
  • Round 2: Jokes about the person's home they have visited.
  • Round 3: One final "Knock-Out" joke.

The winner of the battle wins $1,000 in cash and goes on to the "Best of the Week" show. These rounds themes differed in the start of the series. but since they have changed and have remained as they appear above.

Best of the weekEdit

The winners go at it in a freestyle battle, resembling the hometowns competition's. Next, the person who Wilmer feels is the best of the group gets the privilege to choose who he wants to go up against. The two remaining contestants go head-to-head after the first group. The winners of both battles gets the chance to battle the other winner in three rounds, with different categories slightly different than the hometown battle's:

  • Round 1: Each contestant gets 30 seconds alone to talk about the other.
  • Round 2: To make things personal, each contestant brings out a friend or family member that the opponent will make jokes upon.
  • Round 3: One final "Knock-Out" joke.

The winner of the competition receives another $1,000 in cash, along with a video game system (PSP, Nintendo DS, Xbox 360 etc.) tickets to a Lakers basketball game, and an all-expenses paid dinner at Wilmer Valderrama's restaurant.

The Yo Momma Online NetworkEdit

In conjunction with the series, MTV Launched, a Web 2.0 community dedicated to increasing viewer engagement with the program and heavily promoted during every episode. Site users construct a profile and upload their own Yo Momma jokes (or "disses") and attempt to boost their rankings on the site by challenging other users to "Battles", exchanges of uploaded disses between two users. Both disses and battles are voted on by the user community.

A corollary feature is "Let's Bully" which allows users to send insults over e-mail using an avatar of the user's face superimposed over modifiable clip art. The Let's Bully feature was the subject of an article of Adweek magazine.


“Let’s Bully!”—Wilmer Valderrama

See AlsoEdit

Snaps - A show that was similar in the veins of "Yo Momma" airing on HBO for a brief period in 1995.


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