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Jenna Dewan Tatum
Jennifer Lopez
Derek Hough
Misty Copeland (Guest)
World of Dance
NBC: 5/30/2017-present
Nuyorican Productions
Universal Television Alternative

World of Dance is a reality dance competition executive produced by Jennifer Lopez aka J-Lo.[1] This is where dancers from all around the world compete for $1,000,000.


Dancers from all around the world, divided into different categories compete for $1,000,000.

Each season, the dancers will try to impress the judges in five rounds of competition. They will receive points based on five different categories: performance, technique, choreography, creativity & presentation. Each category is worth up to 20 points for a possible total of 100 points from each judge, and the judges' totals average out in the end.

Round 1: The QualifiersEdit

In the first round, the dancers fight for a place in the next round. Their average total scores must be at least 80 points to qualify.

Round 2: DuelsEdit

In this round, the survivors of round one go head to head in their respective categories. In each head to head duel, the dancer(s) with the most points will move on to The Cut round. The scores will not be revealed until after both acts have had their turn. This week, one round will pit three acts against each other.

Round 3: The CutEdit

The survivors now compete for six spots in the Division Final (two for each division). Each division will have a leaderboard and the two acts above the red line at the end of the round will advance to the Division Final.

The FinalsEdit

Division FinalEdit

This will determine the winners of the divisions.

World FinalEdit

This will determine the $1,000,000 winner.


Host Jenna was a backup dancer for Janet Jackson and is the real life wife of actor Channing Tatum.

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