Words and Music was a short-lived daytime musical quiz show where three contestants competed by using a 16 squared game board.


NBC: September 28, 1970-February 12, 1971


Wink Martindale


Johnny Gilbert

Featured SingersEdit

Peggy Connelly
Katie Gran
Bob Mario
Don Minter

Creator/Music DirectorEdit

Jack Quigley


Jack Quigley-Winter Rosen Productions


Three contestants competed using a game board of 16 squares in this musical quiz show. Each square contained a clue that was associated with a word to be sung in a song. (e.g., the clue is "right between the eyes" and the word in the song the players are listening for is "nose".) The first player to correctly guess the word after it was sung won cash and the opportunity to select the next clue. The game consisted of four rounds of four songs in each with the cash values increasing from round to round. The player with the highest cash score at the end of the day won and returned to the next show. In addition, if the player could win for three straight days in a row, then (s)he won a brand new car.

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