Dr. Robi Ludwig
Without Prejudice.
GSN: 7/16/2007 - 9/16/2007
12 Yard Productions
Rainbow Media
Sony Pictures Television

Without Prejudice? (or Without Prejudice) was the controversially short-lived American version of the equally short-lived and quite controversial British game show of the same name where it involves five random people deciding which one of the five strangers is worthy of winning the $25,000 grand prize.


A 15-second introduction of the contestants is shown to the panel. They then must decide who gets eliminated solely based on who gives off the worst impression.

A short biography of the contestants is shown, followed by the occupation and annual salary of the contestants. The panel then eliminates a second contestant.

The three remaining contestants are asked about three "hot button" issues (Such as prostitution, same-sex marriage & adoption and gun control). Then, a hidden camera video is shown with the three contestants interacting with actors whom they believe to be contestants. The third contestant is then eliminated.

The final two contestants are interviewed by the panel. Any panelist can ask any question, as long as s/he doesn't ask what the winner would do with the money. The panel then votes for a winner.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: All questions and comments are allowed, except the panelists cannot asks any financial questions.

British VersionEdit

The original British version hosted by Liza Tarbuck ran on Channel 4 from 4 January (January 4) 2003 until 16 April (April 16) 2004.


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  • This series lasted for exactly 2 months.
  • When the show ended in September 2007, Host Dr. Ludwig went on to appear on the Fox News Channel series Hannity & Colmes.
  • Promos for the show always ends with the announcer asking: "Can five ordinary people judge five strangers Without Prejudice?, can you?".
  • On August 28, 2007; the show was once in partnership with the NAACP[1]where it would air their newest PSA spot during a very special episode of the show in association with the organization.
  • This series once gained notoriety when on one episode, a contestant claimed that he would eliminate another contestant solely because "He's Black".


  1. NAACP Partners With GSN On "Without Prejudice?"

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Part 1
Part 2


Based on the British show of the same name by 12 Yard Productions


Official Website (via Internet Archive)
Article about the original British version

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