Allen Ludden
Jay Stewart
Syndication (Weekly): 9/18/1968 - 9/1969
Stuart Phelps-Jesse Martin Productions
TeleCom Productions Inc.

"It's time to Win with the Stars! And now, here's the star of the show, Allen Ludden!"

Win with the Stars was the short-lived musical game show where celebrity/civilian teams compete to name & sing as many songs as they can, as fast as they can.


Two teams of two (each consisting of one celebrity and one contestant) compete in a game identifying & singing songs. Each team had 45 seconds to guess as many songs as they can, with an attempt to sing the first lines of those songs after each guess. Each song title was worth five points, and the team also earned one point for each correct word in those lines. When singing the first lines, if at any time the team sings an incorrect word, a horn goes off and they stop there. When time runs out, the other team gets to play.

Games 1 & 2Edit

Four new contestants play the first two games (two for each game) with the highest scorer in each game advancing to game three.

Game 3 (The Final)Edit

Played like the first two rounds, but with the winners of the first two games facing off. The winner of this game wins double his/her current winnings.


TV GuideEdit



Bobby Hammack


Based off a previous game show What's This Song?.


The horn used was carried over to the syndicated version of The Hollywood Squares.

YouTube LinkEdit

Opening credits of an episode

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