Donald Faison
Who Gets the Last Laugh
TBS: 4/16/2013 - 6/11/2013
Katalyst Films
Warner Horizon Television

Who Gets the Last Laugh? was a short-lived, hidden camera reality comedy competition where it pits some of the industry's most well-known comedians and comedic actors against one another just to see who can pull the most outrageous practical joke.


Each week, three guest comedians must dream up the funniest and most outrageous pranks possible, then successfully unleash their idea on an unsuspecting public. A live audience then determines which comedy star really got the "last laugh", with the winner earning $10,000 to be given to the charity of their choice.


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  • Host Donald Faison is best-known for starring as Murray Duvall in the 1995 movie and in the ABC/UPN TV series Clueless, then later as Christopher Turk in the NBC/ABC Dramedy ("Comedy-Drama") Scrubs.


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