Opening SpielEdit

"(Two great stars and their contestant partners are going to have) Close calls... Narrow escapes... Split-second decisions... and (a chance to win) $25,000 in cash! A combination guaranteed to make you say... WHEW! And now here's the host/star of our show, Tom Kennedy!"


"We pronounce our show WHEW! (There's a very good reason for that.) And you'll see why we call it that as you watch our show." - Tom Kennedy

"Now giving me the level...and the money/dollar amount...CHARGE!!!!" - Tom Kennedy

"Level (insert number), (insert money amount)!" - The contestant

"CHARGE!!!!" - Tom Kennedy

"BLOCK!!" - Tom Kennedy

"4...3...2...1!!!" - The Audience

Same level (insert number)!" - Tom Kennedy

"The Gauntlet and the clock will begin with the first bell. (DING!!)" - Tom Kennedy

"TIME'S UP!!!!" - The Villains

Villains' QuotesEdit

Start of BonusEdit

  1. "Make Love Not Money"
  2. "Here Comes The Sad Part"
  3. "A Big Walk For Nothing"
  4. "We Need Love Too"
  5. "Post No Bills"
  6. "He'll Fall In 4" (referring to Howard Wilson)
  7. "Villains: 5 Howard: 0" (referring to Howard Wilson)
  8. "On Guard, Howard" (referring to Howard Wilson)
  9. "Ho...Hum..."
  10. "Burrrrp"
  11. "Trick or Treat" (October 31, 1979)
  12. "A Villain A Day Keeps The Money Away"
  13. "Woe Be To Mobely" (referring to Mary Ann Mobley)
  14. "We're Just Pawns In The Game Of Whew!"
  15. "Welcome To The Slalom Of Shame"
  16. "Villains: 65 People: 13" (July 30, 1979, referring to the Gauntlet win-loss record at that point)
  17. "We Want A Raise"
  18. "We're Cute, But Deadly"
  19. "This Turkey Again?" (referring to Alan Emrich)
  20. "Five Time Turkey" (referring to Alan Emrich)
  21. "Hi...Anxiety" (1980 Finale)

When a contestant wins $25,000Edit

  1. "It's IRS Time" (Carrie Fedora, May 1979)
  2. "Wanna Buy Swampland?" (Tony Smith, June 1979)
  3. "Touché!" (Howard Wilson, June 1979)
  4. "We Went Easy" (Randy Amasia, August 1979)
  5. "Calm Down!" (Steven LaBlang, November 2, 1979)
  6. "OH NOOOOOO!!!!!" (David Jones, May 1980)

When a contestant runs out of timeEdit

  1. "Maybe Some Other Show"
  2. "Want A Kleenex?"
  3. "Some People Never Learn"
  4. "Eat Your Heart Out"
  5. "Devil Made Us Do It"
  6. "We Are Soooo Smart"
  7. "Want A Tissue?"
  8. "Happy Halloween!" (October 31, 1979)
  9. "A Fiasco!"
  10. "Sympathies"
  11. "Keep Your Night Job"
  12. "We're Sorry...Almost"
  13. "Act Like A Man"
  14. "Nice Guys Finish Last"
  15. "Remember Your Dignity"
  16. "Try And Collect" (1980 Finale)

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