Hosts (alternating)
Dr. Froelich Rainey
Dr. Alfred Kidder
Barry Cassell
What in the World
CBS Weekends (Saturday and Sunday afternoons): 10/7/1951 – 4/2/1955
Charles Vanda Productions/WCAU-TV

What in the World featured a panel of three professors trying to identify works of art.

Regular PanelistsEdit

Dr. Carleton Coon
Dr. Schuyler Cammann


A panel of three professors tried to identify works of art from the University of Pennsylvania Museum. Panelists also were asked to describe the origins and original use of the artworks.


The show was broadcast live from WCAU-TV in Philadelphia, PA.

One of the two alternating hosts, Dr. Froelich Rainey, was at the time the director of the University of Pennsylvania.

Video LinksEdit

Four episodes from circa 1952
#1 (Panel: Dr. Carleton Coon, Dr. Schuyler Cammann, Dr. Matthew Sterling; first item is some volcanic glass found in northern Iraq)
#2 (Panel: Dr. Carleton Coon, Dr. Myron Smith, Dr. Schuyler Cammann; first item is a Spanish helmet found in the Philippines)
#3 (Panel: Dr. Carleton Coon, Dr. Ralph Linton, Dr. Alfred Kidder; first item is an iron bird)
#4 (Panel: Dr. Carleton Coon, Dr. Schuyler Cammann, Jacques Lipschitz; first item is a wooden half-man mask from Alaska)

A full episode from October 10, 1954 (Panel: Dr. Carleton Coon, Jacques Lipchitz, Dr. Schuyler Cammann)
A full episode from December 4, 1954 (Panel: Dr. Carleton Coon, Jacques Lipchitz, Vincent Price)
A full episode from March 12, 1955 (Panel: Dr. Alfred Kidder, Jacques Lipchitz, Dr. Robert Eddinghausen; special "crossover" with the British version Animal, Vegetable, Mineral)