Hosts (alternating)
Dr. Froelich Rainey
Dr. Alfred Kidder
What in the World
CBS Weekends (Saturday and Sunday afternoons): 10/7/1951 - 4/2/1955
Charles Vanda Productions/WCAU-TV

What in the World featured a panel of three professors trying to identify works of art.

Regular PanelistsEdit

Dr. Carleton Coon
Dr. Schuyler Cammann


A panel of three professors tried to identify works of art from the University of Pennsylvania Museum. Panelists also were asked to describe the origins and original use of the artworks.


  • The show was broadcast live from Philadelphia.
  • One of the two alternating hosts, Dr. Froelich Rainey, was at the time the director of the University of Pennsylvania.

Video LinksEdit

Four episodes from circa 1952
#1 (Panel: Dr. Carleton Coon, Dr. Schuyler Cammann, Dr. Matthew Sterling; first item is some volcanic glass found in northern Iraq)
#2 (Panel: Dr. Carleton Coon, Dr. Myron Smith, Dr. Schuyler Cammann; first item is a Spanish helmet found in the Philippines)
#3 (Panel: Dr. Carleton Coon, Dr. Ralph Linton, Dr. Alfred Kidder; first item is an iron bird)
#4 (Panel: Dr. Carleton Coon, Dr. Schuyler Cammann, Jacques Lipschitz; first item is a wooden half-man mask from Alaska)

A full episode from October 10, 1954 (Panel: Dr. Carleton Coon, Jacques Lipchitz, Dr. Schuyler Cammann)
A full episode from December 4, 1954 (Panel: Dr. Carleton Coon, Jacques Lipchitz, Vincent Price)
A full episode from March 12, 1955 (Panel: Dr. Alfred Kidder, Jacques Lipchitz, Dr. Robert Eddinghausen; special "crossover" with the British version Animal, Vegetable, Mineral)

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