Mike Jarrett
Charlie O'Donnell
Richard Simmons
Leslie Charleson
What Are My True Colors Pic 1
Unsold Pilot for ABC: 5/30/1987

What Are My True Colors? was an ABC game show one-off where two contestants have to predict how a celebrity would react in a hypothetical situation.


A short-minute biography is read by the announcer (this is done to give the contestants a good idea on what personality traits they might have), then the celebrity comes out and will give the answers to the questions that would be asked later by the host. The questions read off by Jarrett start off by setting up a situation, usually something mundane or far out there. Jarrett then reads the four choices which corresponds to the personality colors that were sang and mentioned in the intro. If a contestant picks the right color and choice, they win $50 with the last question in round 2 worth $100. After two questions from each celebrity, whoever has the most money wins the game and plays the Close-up round.

The Close-Up RoundEdit

The round starts with the contestant being given a list of questions to ask both celebrities. After about 2-3 minutes of questioning, the contestant must select which color best describes the celebrity and which color least describes the celebrity. The celebrities would read off a response for the other celebrity. each correct answer is worth a prize.



  • The pilot aired in the American Bandstand timeslot, pre-empting it for that week.
  • In the main game, the most money a contestant can win is $250.


What Are My True Colors? at Game Show Garbage
ABC program change notice, 1987

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