Opening SpielsEdit

1950-1967 Opening Spiel: (Time now for everybody's favorite guessing game,) WHAT'S MY LINE? Brought to you by (insert sponsors here). And now let's all play, WHAT'S MY LINE? And now, live from New York, let's meet our What's My Line? panel! (insert introductions of panel and host John Charles Daly)

1967-1975 Opening Spiel: Let's all play...WHAT'S MY LINE? And now let's meet this week's What's My Line Panel. (insert introductions of panel and host Wally Bruner/Larry Blyden)

2000 Pilot Opening Spiel: It's...WHAT'S MY LINE? Tonight's panelists are: (insert panel) And now here's the host of What's My Line, Mr. Harry Anderson!


"That's (insert number) down, (insert number) to go, (insert panelist name)."

"Is it bigger than a breadbox?"

"Now, will our mystery guest enter, and sign in, please?"

"Mystery Guest, will you enter and sign in, please?"


"This is John Daly saying, 'Good night, (insert panelist's name), (repeat for the other panelists and back to John).' And we'll see you next time on What's My Line?" - John Daly (1950-1967)

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