John K.M. McCaffery (January-April 1950, March-June 1951)
John Charles Daly (June 1950-January 1951)
Bill Shipley
CBS Radio: 1/29/1950 - 6?/1951
CBS Primetime: 4/1-22/1950, 6/9/1950 - 1/23/1951, 3/9/1951 - 6/1/1951
CBS News

We Take Your Word was a primetime game show where viewers sent in words and the panelists attempted to provide the definitions, derivations, and histories of the word.


A celebrity panel tried to guess the definitions of words submitted by home viewers. The home viewer was given a prize for using the word and if the panel couldn't define it correctly, the home viewer got $50.


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  • The show's first TV run in April 1950 was as an experimental program with John K.M. McCaffery as host. When the show returned for a regular run two months later, he was replaced by John Daly. McCaffery returned as emcee in March 1951.

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