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FAM: 9/30/1996 - 1/30/1997
Jay Wolpert Productions/MTM Enterprises

Wait 'til You Have Kids!! was the short-lived game show based on the Chuck Barris produced game show The Parent Game, where three couples answered questions about children and how to deal with them with the help of a parenting expert.

Main GameEdit

In the main game, host Parks asked dilemma-typed questions focusing on child behavior & parental guidance. Each question had three possible answers labeled A, B or C.

A sample question and it's answer would go like this:

Your 15-year-old son Steven could not join the football team because he was not enough qualified. But he loved sports although football was his favorite one. What should you do?

  • A – Try to make him stay with it and try again
  • B – Let him quit and not play sports anymore
  • C – Find another sport he can do

Each couple in turn came up with a team answer that is the most likely to solve the problem, they also made explanations about their answer and why they think it's correct. They marked their choices by placing a big block (with A, B or C) in front of them on their table. There was only one vote between then, and if they don't agree, one member from each team (all of the same gender) had the final say. Once all the couples gave their answers, the child expert gave her own answer she thinks is the best answer. A match from any of the couples scored points.


Here are the scores for each question:

  • Question #1 – 1 point
  • Question #2 – 2 points
  • Question #3 – 3 points

Final QuestionEdit

On the fourth and final question of the main game, teams no longer worked together in terms of answering. All six players chose their own answers all by themselves. Each correct answer was worth 4 points, meaning that 8 points can be scored for each couple (for a possible grand total of 14 points for any couple at the end of the game).

The couple with the most points at the end of game won prizes and went on to play the bonus round. If there was a tie after the last question, a bonus round typed tie-breaker question (see below) was asked. Each couple involved in the tie each decided whether the question was either a problem or OK. The expert's answer was revealed out of an envelope and the couple with the correct answer was declared the winners.

Bonus RoundEdit

The winning couple was shown a computer graphic of a house (shown in the opening) with its lights turned out. They had 60 seconds to light up all seven windows of the house. They do that by answering a series of mini situations about children (example: "Your five-year-old likes to be around strangers." or "Your 15-year-old wants to be a game show host."), their job was to decide according to the child expert whether this was a big problem (something bad could happen to that child) or OK (there was totally nothing wrong with this scenario). They made their choices by holding up a big card in front of them. If the situation was a problem, they held up the red "Problem" side of the card, but if the situation was not a problem, they held up the green "OK" side of the card. Players alternated turns throughout and each correct answer was worth $100 and a lighted window of the house, and lighting up the entire house by getting seven right won a grand prize (usually a trip and $1,000, other time a Yamaha WaveRunner and by the end of the run, the prize was a Geo Metro).


  • Before some questions, a video of a child who talked about his/her run-in with a situation leading up to that question was played for the couples.
  • This was the only show to have two different sets in its 13 week run.

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Based on The Parent Game by Chuck Barris


"Well, there you have it. Those of you who are parents may or may not agree with what you heard today, but I bet it rings the bell. For those of you who aren't parents, well... Wait 'til you Have Kids." - Tom Parks (1996-1997)


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