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Title Genre
The Wade Robson Project Dancing
Wait 'Til You Have Kids! Parenting, Family Game
Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! Quiz, themed (News)
The Wall Stunts & Dares
Wall of Fame Quiz, Themed (Popular Culture)
Wanna Bet? Stunts & Dares
Wanna Come In? Dating
Wanted: Ted or Alive Reality
Way Out Games Stunts & Dares, Comedy
The Wayne Brady Show Variety
The WB's Superstar USA Variety
WCG Ultimate Gamer Reality
We Interrupt This Week Quiz, Panel Game
We Play Baton Rouge Regional (Louisiana)
We Take Your Word Panel Game
We've Got Your Number Gambling
The Weakest Link Quiz, General Knowledge
Web Riot Themed Quiz, Interactive
Webheads Childrens
The Wedding Game Relationships
Wedding Party Relationship, Matching
Wedding Wars Reality
Welcome to the Neighborhood Reality
Whammy! The All New Press Your Luck Gambling
What Are My True Colors? Observation
What Do You Have in Common? Observation
What Do You Want? Quiz, General Knowledge
What Happened Panel Game
What in the World Panel Game
What the Blank! Panel Game
What Would You Do? Childrens
What's Going On? Panel Game
What's In a Word Panel Game
What's it For? Panel Game
What's My Line? Panel Game
What's My Name? Celebrity
What's This Song? Music
What's Your Bid? Lifestyle
Wheel 2000 Childrens
Wheel of Fortune (1) Family Game
Wheel of Fortune (2) Puzzle
When Did That Happen? Quiz, Interactive
When Spicy Meets Sweet Dating
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? Childrens
Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? Childrens, Spinoffs
Where Was I Panel Game
Whew! Puzzle
The White Room Challenge Reality
Whiz Bang Quiz Gang Childrens, Academic Quiz, Regional (New York)
Whiz Quiz Quiz, Academic, Regional (New York)
Who Dares Wins Stunts & Dares
Who Do You Trust? Dating
Who Gets the Dog? Animals
Who Gets the Last Laugh? Reality
Who Knows The Band? Music, Panel Game
Who Knows You Best? Relationship
Who Pays Panel Game
Who Said That? Panel Game
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Quiz, General Knowledge, Big Prize
Who Wants to be a Princess? Special
Who Wants to Be a Superhero? Reality, Stunts & Dares
Who Wants To Be Governor of California:The Debating Game Special
Who Wants to Date a Comedian? Dating
Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire? Reality, Dating
Who Wants to Marry My Dad? Relationship
The Who, What, or Where Game Quiz, General Knowledge
Who's Got Game? Sport
Who's Still Standing? Quiz, General Knowledge
Who's the Boss? Panel Game
Who's There Panel Game
Who's Whose Panel Game
Who's Your Daddy? Reality
Whodunnit? (1) Mystery
Whodunnit? (2) Reality, Mystery
The Whole 19 Yards Quiz, General Knowledge, Stunts & Dares
Whose Baby? Panel Game
Whose Line is it Anyway? Variety
WHY? Panel Game
A Wicked Offer Reality
Wickedly Perfect Reality
Wild Animal Games Children, Animals
Wild & Crazy Kids Children, Sports
Wild Guess Quiz, Themed (Animals)
Wild West Showdown Stunts & Dares
The Will Reality
Win Ben Stein's Money Quiz, General Knowledge
Win, Lose or Draw Board Game Conversion
Win, Lose or Pawn Quiz, General Knowledge
Win with a Winner Quiz, General Knowledge
Win with the Stars Themed Quiz, Music
Window Shopping Lifestyle
Window Warriors Competition
Winfall Puzzle
Wingo Quiz, General Knowledge, Big Prize
The Winner Is Music
Winner Take All Quiz, General Knowledge
Winning Lines Quiz, General Knowledge
Winning Streak Quiz, General Knowledge
Winsanity Quiz, General Knowledge
WinTuition Quiz, General Knowledge
Wipeout (1) Quiz, General Knowledge
Wipeout (2) Reality, Sport
Wisconsin Lottery Moneygame Lottery, Regional (Wisconsin)
With this Ring Relationship
Without Prejudice Panel Game
The Wizard of Odds Quiz, General Knowledge
Wizard Wars Variety
Women of Ninja Warrior Spinoff
Word for Word Puzzle
Word Grabbers Panel Game
Word Slam! Special
Wordplay Puzzle
Words and Music Quiz, General Knowledge, Music, Word Game
Words-A-Poppin Childrens
Work of Art: The Next Great Artist Reality
World Blackjack Tour Blackjack
World Cup Comedy Variety
World Idol Variety
World of Dance Reality
World Poker Tour Gambling
World Series of Blackjack Gambling
The World Series of Pop Culture Quiz, Themed (Popular Culture)
Worldwide Webgames Special
Worst Cooks In America Cooking
Would You Rather... ? Board Game Conversion
WOW: The CatholicTV Challenge Quiz, themed (Religion)
Wrench Against the Machine Reality
WWF/WWE Tough Enough Sport

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