Larry Anderson
Marianne Curan 1997-1998
Sub Hosts

Dave Nemeth
Nancy Sullivan
Peter Tomarken
Rip Taylor

Gene Wood
Ed MacKay
Trivia Track
Game Show Network: 3/17/1997 - 10/2/1998

OPENING SPIEL: Welcome to Trivia Track! And now here's your host, Larry Anderson/Marianne Curan!

An interactive phone-in game show on GSN that had a horse racing theme.


Five randomly-selected contestants competed in a question-and-answer game, using telephone keypads to enter numerical answers. Two games featured on each show.

Each game was a 10-furlong race, with each player using their telephone keypad to select one of the three numerical answers on the screen. They had 4.4 seconds to enter their answers. Now here's how they scored:

Questions Furlongs
Question #1 1
Question #2 2
Question #3 3
Question #4 4
Question #5 (and all future questions) 5

The 1st player to reach the finish line won the race. In the event of a tie, they would have a photo finish, it was a tiebreaker game similar to The Price is Right's One Bid game. A question would once again be asked; players had 9.4 seconds to answer, and the player coming closest to the answer wins the game.

The two winners (one from each game) advanced to the Triple Crown round for a grand prize.

Triple CrownEdit

The object of the "Triple Crown" round was to be the 1st player to accumulate three crowns by answering questions, and here's how. The two winners faced a game board with nine squares. The side squares (left, right, top & bottom) contain 1 crown, two of the corner squares have 2 crowns, the upper right hand corner square had a free crown space, and the lower left hand corner square was a LOSE-A-TURN space. Players alternated turns playing the board. The board would flash at random and the players hit the number "0" on their keypads to stop the randomization (similar to the big board on Press Your Luck). When stopping, when a player landed on any of the crown value spaces, a question with two possible answers was asked, and a correct won the appropriate number of crowns. If a player landed on the one free crown space, he/she simply got that crown without answering a question. But if the LOSE-A-TURN space was hit, the player who hit it simply lost his/her turn. After the 1st time around, the center "TRIPLE CROWN" square was activated, which triggered an automatic win if hit. The first player to get 3 crowns won, but if neither player scored the 3 crowns by the time the bell rang, the player with the most crowns won. In the event of a tie, they would go into a sudden death showdown, with whoever got the last question right having the option to either answer the question or force their opponent to do so. If the player selected to answer got the question right, they won; if not, the opponent was the winner.

YouTube LinkEdit

Full Episode from 12/31/1997

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