Laird Macintosh
NBC: 6/18/2006 - 8/21/2006
Imagine Television
Madison Road Entertainment
Magical Elves Productions
Universal Television

Treasure Hunters was a short-lived reality show in which teams of three solve puzzles and complete challenges in hopes of solving the ultimate puzzle and winning the grand prize.


Teams travel across the United States and Europe in search of seven "artifacts" which, when assembled, will "lead to the key. Find the key and find the treasure." The challenges and puzzles are spliced with American history and the ultimate goal is to find a hidden treasure leading the show to be compared on various occasions to the film National Treasure.

Series ResultsEdit

  • 10th Place - Team Young Professionals
  • 9th Place - Team Grad Students (dropped out due to Jessica's injury)
  • 8th Place - Team Wild Hanlons
  • 7th Place - Team Brown Family (originally eliminated in 9th, but brought back due to Grad Students dropping out due to Jessica's injury)
  • 6th Place - Team Fogal Family
  • 5th Place - Team Miss USA
  • 4th Place - Team Ex-CIA
  • 2nd Place (tied) - Team Southie Boys
  • 2nd Place (tied) - Team Air Force
  • Winners - Team Geniuses


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  • The value of the treasure in this series was revealed on the season finale to be $3,000,000.
  • The show previously aired on Global in Canada.


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