Opening SpielsEdit

1972 Pilot Intro:
Ladies & Gentlemen, this mystery celebrity witnessed by this Lloyds of London bonded agent, has just placed a $25,000 check in one of these surprise packages. Tonight, six contestants will compete for thousands of dollars in prizes, in the chance of winning that $25,000 grand prize on, TREASURE HUNT! And now please meet your host, the star of Treasure Hunt. The incomparable, the magnificent, the one and only, GEOFF EDWARDS!

70s/80s Intro:
Ladies and gentlemen, this bonded security agent has just placed a certified check for $25,000/(insert jackpot check amount) in one of these 30/66 surprise packages. Today/tonight, someone may win any one of our fabulous prizes or that grand prize of $25,000/(insert jackpot check amount) on... (THE NEW) TREASURE HUNT! From Hollywood it's "(The New) Treasure Hunt!" And here's the star of our show, GEOFF EDWARDS!


"$25,000!!!!!!" - Geoff Edwards (1973-1977)

Geoff: "Will you verify the fact that you did hide the check for $25,000/$??,000?"
Emile: "Yes, I did." - Geoff Edwards & Emile Autori (1973-1977)

"$50,000!!!!!!!" - Geoff Edwards


"Until tomorrow/Monday/next time/then, this is Geoff Edwards wishing you good luck. Goodbye/Good night." - Geoff Edwards (1973-1977; 1981-1982)

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