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Tom Kennedy
Name: Tom Kennedy
Birth Name: James Edward Narz
Born: February 26, 1927
Birth Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky
Place of death:
Occupation: Host
Years active: 1958-1989
Known for: Television presenting
Tom Kennedy (born James Edward Narz on February 26, 1927 in Louisville, Kentucky) is a television game show host who had his greatest fame in the 1960s and 1970s. He is the younger brother of the late television host Jack Narz and the brother-in-law of the late Bill Cullen, and changed his name to avoid confusion prior to hosting his first national show, The Big Game, in 1958.

Shows HostedEdit

The Big Game
Doctor IQ
Temptation (1)
You Don't Say!
It's Your Bet
Split Second
Name That Tune
Break the Bank
50 Grand Slam
To Say the Least
Password Plus
Body Language
The Price is Right


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