Opening SpielsEdit

50s OPENING SPIEL: "Tic... Tac... Dough! Brought to you by (insert product name). Now here's your host, Jack Barry/Gene Rayburn/Bill Wendell/Jay Jackson/Win Elliot!!

1978-1986 OPENING SPIEL: "From (Television City in) Hollywood, it's everybody's game of strategy, knowledge & fun. It's "(The New) Tic Tac Dough"! And now, here's our host, Wink Martindale/Jim Caldwell!"

1990-1991 OPENING SPIEL: "In a moment, the game that intrigued a nation. In a moment, the game of strategy, knowledge & fun. In a moment, "Tic Tac Dough"! And now, our host, who will guide us through the next 30 minutes of "Tic Tac Dough", Patrick Wayne!"

Hello everyone & welcome to the show. Tic Tac is back! We made some changes here, and I/we KNOW you're gonna like them. - Patrick Wayne


You get an X or an O on the board by correctly answering the question in the category in the box you select. Three Xs or three Os in row vertically, horizontally, or diagonally wins the game. An X or an O in an outside box adds $100/$200 to the pot, and since the center box is vital to the playing this game, the questions from there are a little tougher, but we put $200/$300 in the pot for those. Whoever wins the game takes all the money in the pot, and goes on to play the Tic Tac Dough bonus game. - Wink explaining the rules of the game early in the run

The boxes in red are special categories. I'll explain about them when we come to them. - Jim Caldwell talking about the red categories

In this game, the nine categories you'll be playing with are... (insert nine categories). The boxes in red are special categories that involve both of you. I'll explain about them when we come to them. A correct answer wins the box and adds money to the pot, center box is worth $1,000, the other boxes are worth $500. Player who gets Tic Tac Dough wins the game, the money in the pot, and a chance to go to the bonus game for thousands of dollars. - Patrick Wayne explaining the rules of the game

Here's/This is what the board look like. - Tic Tac Host (when time ran out on the last show)

Put an X or O there - Wink Martindale upon a correct answer

Box remains (or goes) unclaimed. - Tic Tac Host upon a miss

Let's shuffle the categories. - Tic Tac Host

Let's move the categories around. - Wink Martindale only

"WINK: You know, I'd better go with the judge for the ruling on that. Judge, what is your ruling? JUDGE: Wink, as the contestants are advised before the show, when selecting categories, we must accept the first cert-able category choice, no matter how quickly made try to change it. In this case, (insert controlling contestant) was clearly selecting the category (Insert first category choice), and so we must go with that selection." - Wink Martindale (talking to the Judges about the first category choice selection that the contestants were advised before the show without making changes)

(Insert category) in the center (box). This is gonna be a little harder/tougher/difficult and has two parts, so we'll give you a little bit of extra time. - Tic Tac Host (when a contestant picks the category in the center box)

Here's your extra time. - Tic Tac Host (to give a contestant extra time to think it over before answering the two-part question in the center box)

Think about it for a few seconds. - Wink Martindale (to give a contestant extra time to think it over before answering the two-part question in the center box)

We'll be back, in just a moment! - Wink Martindale going to commercial

Correct Answer/Game Winning SayingsEdit


Patrick Wayne SayingsEdit




"YOU WIN!!!!!"

Beat the DragonEdit

On this board, we have nine numbers, behind those numbers are four Xs, four Os, and one dragon. The Xs & the Os have been distributed on the board so that there's only one way to get Tic Tac Dough. You'll be calling out numbers, and each time you find an X or an O, you'll win $150; you can stop & take the money anytime you like. However, if you should find the dragon (which I hope you do not do), the game's over and you lose the cash. However, if you find the one Tic Tac Dough on the board, you will get not only the cash you've accumulated, but all of the prizes. - Wink Martindale explaining the CBS bonus game rules

Behind those numbers are various amounts of money, a Tic, a Tac, and the (mean/big green) dragon. (later accompanied by the dragon's roar) Reach $1,000 or more or get the Tic & the Tac and win the prize package. - Wink Martindale & Jim Caldwell explaining the bonus game rules

Avoid the dragon or you lose everything, get the Tic & the Tac you automatically get the dough. - Wink Martindale explaining more about the dragon and Tic & Tac

In this game, your luck can be worth up to $8,000/$10,000 plus these prizes and Larry will tell us about them. - Patrick Wayne

In one of these boxes is the dragon. (ROAR!) And also/of course our Dragon Slayer. (majestic music) In each of the remaining seven boxes, Xs & Os are shuffling. You'll have to get a Tic Tac Dough with either Xs or Os. Which one do you want? (insert contestant's selection) Now you're gonna bring the shuffle to a stop and determine what appears on the board. Now for the first X/O you find we'll put $500 in the pot. For every X/O thereafter we'll double the money. Get a Tic Tac Dough with Xs/Os you'll win the pot plus the prizes. Get the dragon, game's over and you'll lose the money. But get the Dragon Slayer, you'll win, we'll double the pot and you'll win the prizes. - Patrick Wayne explaining the bonus game rules


I'm Wink Martindale for Tic Tac Dough, goodbye everybody! - Wink's Goodbye

I'm Jim Caldwell, we'll see you on the next Tic Tac Dough. - Jim's Goodbye

Closing LogosEdit

(The New) Tic Tac Dough is a Jack Barry & Dan Enright Production! - Tic Tac announcer

This is Larry Van Nuys/Art James. Tic Tac Dough is a Jack Barry & Dan Enright Production; distributed by ITC. - 90s Tic Tac announcer

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