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Rebecca Grant
Game Show Network: 1999
ITE-USA (Interactive Television Entertainment)

Throut & Neck was a short-lived interactive game show featuring two creatures named "Throut" & "Neck" who lived on the planet "Ovine". It was a planet ruled by sheep; that's why this show was created: to teach the sheep a lesson.


Press PhotosEdit


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  • Originally, the show premiered on MTV Brazil in 1997.


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A look back at Throut and Neck
An Ode to Becca Grant (and I guess Throut and Neck)
A Rebecca Grant Dedication page
The Interactive Game Show, Throut and Neck, Makes It's Way to the U.S.

YouTube VideosEdit

Host Rebecca Grant's TV personality reel

Canadia (Partial Episode)

Part 1
Part 2

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