Thomas Bridegroom and Natalia Castellanos
X effect 281x211
MTV: 6/6/2007 - 2/2/2009
4th Row Films, MTV Productions
The X Effect was a short-lived reality dating series in which exes are reunited.


The show takes a look at the current and former relationships to determine whether or not individuals wish to recapture a former love or continue nuturing a new relationship. During the show, two exes spend a weekend at a resort hotel. Each couple is presented with opportunites to rekindle their former relationship, through participation in romantic activities. While they are on their "dates" they are covertly watched by their current partners, referred to as "the others" or "O's". At the end of the weekend, the exes must choose between their old or new partners.


Official Website (Season 1)
Official Website (Season 2)

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