In an episode of MAD TV, Lorraine is on the show but it's actually called "The Missing Link", a parody of the name. The contestants that Lorraine are playing against are two monkeys, Professor MacFuzzy and Huckleberry. However, all three contestants do not get the answers right so they leave empty-handed. Lorraine, believe it or not, was the missing link. Anne Robinson made an appearance in this episode.

Mad TV- Lorraine on the Weakest Link03:39

Mad TV- Lorraine on the Weakest Link

In another episode of MAD TV, there is another parody of the celebrity version of the Weakest Link. Anne Robinson did not make an appearance, someone played her. 

MADtv Weakest Link Celebrity Edition06:17

MADtv Weakest Link Celebrity Edition

The show's host Anne Robinson is sometimes parodied in episodes of Whammy!: The All-New Press Your Luck where the Whammy stands on a purple podium with spotlights along with a Weakest Link-like cue in the background asking in a British-like female voice to the contestant "Who's one spin short of being the winner? Bye-Bye!"

Anne Robinson's Catchphrase "You Are The Weakest Link, Goodbye!" has made several appearances on TV shows and movies, such as Family Guy, Scary Movie 2 and How I Met Your Mother.

In the first season of the 2005 revival of Doctor Who, Rose Tyler appears on a futuristic version of Link, hosted by "Anne Droid" (voiced by Robinson) where eliminated contestants were supposedly disintegrated, but in fact "teleported" elsewhere.

The classic horror show Svengoolie did a parody of The Weakest Link entitled, "The Lowest Price!". This parody featured archived vintage clips of Vincent Price playing different acting roles in different movies as the contestants.

In the Family Guy episode “From Method to Madness”, when Stewie signs up for an acting class, one girl out of the auditioners says the most famous catchphrase on the show, “You are the Weakest Link. Goodbye!”

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