Scott Lasky
Real gilligans island
TBS: 11/20/2004 - 6/29/2005
Next Entertainment
AND Syndicated Productions
Redwood Productions
Telepictures Productions
Dawn Syndicated Productions

The Real Gilligan's Island was a reality series based on the formerly popular 1960s sitcom Gilligan's Island where two teams have to survive on a deserted island. This show has the theme of Gilligan's Island and each member of the team represents one character of the show's cast.


The series takes ordinary people and maroons them on an island just like the old sitcom. The idea is to get off the island. In addition, each contestant is similar to the sitcoms original characters (i.e. Gilligan, Skipper, The Howells, The Professor, Mary-Ann and Ginger).


"Gilligan's Island Theme" by Bowling For Soup


Based off the 1964-1967 TV sitcom Gilligan's Island by Sherwood Schwartz


Official Website for season 1 (via Internet Archive)
Official Website for season 2 (via Internet Archive)


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