Tom Parker
Karen Trumbo
Margie Edgel
KOIN/Syndication (Weekly): 9/1988 – 8/1990
KOIN-TV/The Oregon Lottery

The Oregon Lottery's Money Game was a big money lottery game for the state of Oregon.


Five contestants competed for the right to play for $50,000.

Main GameEdit

The game was played in five rounds. In each round, the contestants faced a 25 numbered square game board. Behind those numbers were money amounts (either $100, $250, $500, $750, or $1,000). On a player's turn, he/she got to pick a number and whatever money amount was behind the chosen number was added the controlling player's total.

Before the second round, each player drew a name from a fishbowl. These names were of viewers who sent in non-winning tickets. In the fourth round, whatever the players won, their home partners also won.

In the fifth & final round, one square on the board would win the player in control $2,500, plus the minimum value was $500.

In each new round, extra special squares were added to the board. And here they are:

  • Double – This was added in the second round. Finding this square doubled the controlling player's score. Should the controlling player have less than $1,000, that amount was added to that player's score.
  • Bonus – This was added in the third round, and another one was added in the fourth round. Revealing that square won the controlling player their choice of one of two new cars.

All players got to keep the money that they had won, but the player with the most money at the end of the fifth & final round won the game and the right to play the $50,000 Vault Round.

The $50,000 VaultEdit

To start, the winning player was given a $10,000 cash buyout in exchange for the right to play for the $50,000. Should the buyout be refused, the contestant was faced with two vault doors. One of them contained the $50,000 grand cash prize, while the other contained a prize package worth anywhere from $2,500 to $25,000. The winning player pressed one of two buttons to open one of the vaults, and whatever the player got from the chosen vault was his/hers in addition to the money from the game.


Jon Newton & Michael Bard


Mark Richards

YouTube VideosEdit

A full episode from March 4, 1989 (KOIN airing with commercials)