Kevin Millar
Tim Wakefield
The Next Knuckler Title
MLB Network: 2/13/2013 - 2/21/2013
MLB Productions

The Next Knuckler was a short-lived, four-episode only reality competition series where Tim Wakefield works with a group of former college or NFL quarterbacks in an attempt to make one the next ageless knuckleballer to hit the majors.


Taped at Vero Beach Sports Village, the former Spring Training home of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Each episode will feature the contestants learning from Wakefield how to throw this baffling pitch before facing challenges to test the effectiveness of their knuckleball. One contestant will be eliminated from the competition in each episode based on his performance and input from Wakefield and Millar. The winner will earn an invitation to the Arizona Diamondbacks' Spring Training camp and the chance to pitch for the D-backs in a Spring Training game.


  • The sole winner from this short-lived series is Josh Booty.


VIDEO: Trailer for 'The Next Knuckler' on MLB Network

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