Jack Narz (1966 Pilot)
Sonny Fox (1969–1970)
Larry Blyden (1970–1972)
Army Archerd
Johnny Gilbert
Pilot: 1966
The Movie Game 1969
The Movie Game Blyden
The Movie Game Alt
Syndication (Daily): 9/8/1969 – 2/1972
Henry Jaffe Enterprises

"This is Hollywood, and from the Samuel Goldwyn Studios, it's The Movie Game! Starring today, (insert four celebrities), the nationally syndicated columnist Mr. Army Archerd, and your Movie Game host, Mr. Sonny Fox!"

"The Movie Game! Starring this week: (insert three celebrities) playing against: (insert three celebrities) with the nationally syndicated columnist Mr. Army Archerd, and starring your Movie Game host, Mr. Larry Blyden!"

The Movie Game was the three year old movie quizzer where celebrities answered questions about the world of motion pictures.


In the first part of the game, there were two types of questions: "Screen Tests" & "Close-Ups". The "Screen Tests" were toss-ups in which the first team to buzz-in with a correct answer scored 20 points and control of two "Close-Ups" (follow-ups/bonuses) worth five points each for a possible total of 30 points for each set of three.

Along the way, a film clip round was also played.

The final round of the main game, Portrait of a Star, featured co-host Army Archerd, a columnist for Daily Variety, giving clues about a famous movie star. The first team to buzz-in with the correct identification scored 50 points. This was later replaced with a 90 second lightning round.

The team with the most points at the end of the game won $250 and the right to play the action round.

Action RoundEdit

Two scenes were performed by the celebrities. They produced clues to a puzzle. A correct solution to one scene doubled the money to $500, but correctly identifying both scenes tripled the money to $750.

In the beginning, the celebrities played with two contestants (one for each pair of celebrities) with the two highest scoring winning contestants during the week returning Friday for an additional $1,000. Later, the contestants were removed and all celebrities competed and playing for home viewers. In the latter case, at the end of a certain period of shows, a sweepstakes was held, where all winning viewers would have a chance to win a prize package worth over $10,000.


Ted Cott

YouTube VideosEdit

Sonny Fox
A full episode taped 11/14/69

Larry Blyden
Intro of an episode taped 8/25/71
Another clip from the above episode