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GSN: 6/18/2009 - 8/15/2009
12 Yard Productions

The Money List was GSN's equally short-lived remake and revival of The Rich List which in turn is based on a British format called Who Dares Wins (not to be confused with the Australian stunt and dare show that formerly aired in reruns on the same network in 2001 of the same name), that was part of GSN's equally short-lived hour block called Big Saturday Night.


Main GameEdit

Just like in The Rich List, two teams of strangers are paired up. both teams sit in soundproof pods. When the pods are blue, they can hear what is happening outside; when it's red they cannot.

The list subject is read out, and the host turns one pod red. The other team makes a bid on how many answers they can give. Their pods then turns red and their opponents can either increase the bid or dare them to play. This process continues until one team is dared. If the bidders make their bid, they win the list. If they make a mistake, then their opponents win the list. The first team to win two lists plays for $50,000.


If both teams win a list, a penalty-shootout-style tiebreaker is played. The sound remains on in booth pods, and the host reads out the subject for the round. The first team gives an answer, and if it is on the list, then their opponents must give a correct answer or lose the game. If the first team gives a wrong answer, their opponents can win with a correct response.

Bonus RoundEdit

The winning team is given a subject, the money that can be won is as follows:

Right Answers Winnings
3 $5,000
6 $10,000
9 $15,000
12 $25,000
15 $50,000

At each level, the contestant may quit with the money they have accumulated, making a mistake at any point ends the game and nullifies any winning from it. If a team quits or successfully gives all 15 answers correctly, the money they have achieved is banked and can no longer be lost. There is no limit to the amount of money a team can accumulate or the amount of games they can play, as long as they continue to win the main game.

Press PhotosEdit

International VersionsEdit

Countries that have previously aired their versions of The Money/Rich List includes:

  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • New Zealand
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom (country that originated the program as Who Dares Wins)


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  • Pilot episodes were taped on the original British version of the show in London, England between August 27 and August 30, 2008.
  • The series is the first and only GSN original program in the network's 15-year history to feature returning champions.
  • Unlike The Rich List with its one episode only airing on FOX in 2006, The Money List aired for nine episodes before its cancellation in the same year.


Based on the British show Who Dares Wins by Jim Cannon, Andy Culpin, Sam Pollard and David Young.

See AlsoEdit

The Rich List - The original one-episode-only version of Who Dares Wins that aired on FOX in 2006.

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