Host / Executive Producer / Music
Ian Jamieson
The Million Dollar Word Game
America One (Daily): 9/27/1999 - 11/19/1999 (with repeats through at least 6/19/2000)
SuperVision Entertainment, Inc.

"Welcome to the world's richest game show: The Million Dollar Word Game! With your host, Ian... Jamieson!"

The Million Dollar Word Game was a word-themed game show of Canadian origin that aired on the low-powered, obscure America One network.


A contestant is shown a word, and must form a specified number of words from it in 30 seconds (although the timer is never shown onscreen). Note that the below level descriptions are based on the viewing of a single episode, and may have changed from show to show.

  • Levels 1-3: Unscramble the shown word (4 or 5 letters) into another one.
  • Level 4: Make three 3-letter words from the displayed word.
  • Level 5: Make four 4-letter words from the displayed word.
  • Level 6: Make two 5-letter words from the displayed word.
  • Levels 7-13: Currently unknown.
  • Level 14: Same as Levels 1-3, albeit with a much longer word.

Clearing Level 5 awards a check for $1,000, while clearing Level 10 awards a trip. Clearing Level 14 awards one of several large prizes (such as cars, boats, trucks, $250,000, $500,000, or $1,000,000). Precisely how this was done is uncertain, though it likely involved the numbered containers seen on both sides of the set.


  • 40 episodes were produced.
  • According to viewer recollections, only one contestant managed to reach Level 14, but failed to unscramble the displayed word into "Bicentennial".
  • In the available episode (see below), host Jamieson announces that the top prize for "the next set of tapings" will be $5,000,000, and that there will be a tournament between the United States and Canada. Neither of these came to pass, however.
  • The show's producers were involved in a scam years after the show ended, where they made an online version with a $10,000,000 grand prize, in which players had to pay $100 to enter and the winner had to go to the Caribbean to get the money. They didn't even get enough people (less than 8,000) to play it.
  • YouTube commenters have hinted that the show was produced in Edmonton at Access Alberta, which at the time was primarily a province-wide educational station (it still is, to an extent, although it's now also part of CTV Two).


Description of the show (in the "Variety Shows" section)
The Million Dollar Word Game at Game Show Garbage

YouTube VideosEdit

Full Episode (Players: Jennifer, Darlene, Calvin)

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