Charge Account was a game show segment on The Jan Murray Show in which contestants tried to make three or four-letter words in order to win cash.


NBC Daytime: September 5, 1960 - September 28, 1962


Jantone Productions


Jan Murray

Sub HostEdit

Jim Lucas


Maureen Arthur
Morgan Schmitter


Bill Wendell


The game portion of The Jan Murray Show was “Charge Account”. A packet of 16 letters was selected and mixed in a cylinder and then called out one at a time. Each of two contestants had a square gameboard divided into 16 squares (four rows of four blank columns). As the letters were called off, each contestant put them in a square in a manner figured to make the most three-letter and four-letter words. Contestants received $25 for each four-letter word they created and $10 for each three-letter word. The player with the most money won the game and used his or her winnings to buy prizes. Prior to the game, a series of prizes was shown which they could buy with their winnings.


A board game was released as Charge Account: Jan Murray's TV word game by Lowell in 1961.