The Inquizitor
Inquizitor 2
Name: The Inquizitor
Born: Unknown
Died: Unknown
Occupation: "anti" game show host
Years active: 1998-2001
Known for: Hosting Inquizition on Game Show Network/GSN
The Inquizitor is probably the most famously mysterious, anti-host of any game show host in the history of game show hosts. The Inquizitor was not a typical game show host of the time (enthusiastic, energetic, etc.); he was angry, cranky, and had little patience for wrong answers. Furthermore, he rarely called contestants by their first names, but instead opted to use a more gentlemanly/womanly approach ("Mr. Roberts", "Miss Johnson", etc.). Frequently, The Inquizitor would express his disdain for under-performing players during questioning and prod them to improve their game, lest they be eliminated; or occasionally praise a player, while giving backhanded insults to the others ("Thank You, (insert contestant's name), for saving us from almost complete ignorance"). He occasionally threw in a side comment on the correct answer (i.e. "The first centerfold for Playboy Magazine was, A.Marilyn Monroe...I Still Have My Copy!"). The Inquizitor's remarks could have an effect on gameplay, as they were the only indication that contestants had of where they stood against their opponents. At the end of each round, the Inquizitor dismissed the player in last place with annoyance or indifference (i.e. "Please Leave Now!", "Goodbye!", "Get Out!" etc.) and usually scorned the eliminated player in Round 3 by shouting "You Have Failed!" The eliminated player would turn his/her back to the camera while leaving and the screen faded to white (instead of black) At the end of each episode of Inquizition, The Inquizitor would walk out of the chamber and cackle menacingly. In retrospect, it would have taken many years for Anne Robinson to perfect the style of the "anti-host" persona on The Weakest Link for which she did a whole lot better, but the mysterious Inquizitor was the first and foremost to do the job.

The Identity of The InquizitorEdit

The Inquizitor never showed his face on camera during the show's three-year run on Game Show Network, and due to stipulations in his contract, even to this day his identity is still unknown.

Show hostedEdit