Bob Hilton
Don Galloway
Charlie O'Donnell
Tony McClay
The Guinness Game
Syndication (Weekly): 9/17/1979 - 9/1980
David Paradine Television Productions
Hill-Eubanks Productions
20th Century Fox Television
Ogilvy & Mather, Inc.

The Guinness Game was a short-lived syndicated game show based on The Guinness Book of World Records.


Three studio contestants tried to predict if a record-breaking stunt, performed live on the show, could be accomplished (ex: "Can five men change four tires on a car without a jack, in two minutes or less?"). Each player started with $1,000 and could bet up to ninety percent of his or her bankroll. The player with the most money after three rounds won the game and played a fourth round for a bonus prize.

The maximum possible cash a player could win was $6,859, assuming s/he placed a maximum bet on each stunt and was correct all three times.


Main - "Tickler" by Charles Fox (also used in The Moneymaze)
Prize - "Bean Bag" by Herb Alpert (also used in the UK Game Show It's a Knockout)


  • New York - WNBC
  • Los Angeles - KNBC
  • Chicago - WMAQ
  • San Francisco - KPIX
  • Houston - KPRC
  • Sacramento - KOVR
  • St. Louis - KTVI
  • Louisville - WHAS
  • Lexington - WKYT


Bob Eubanks


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YouTube LinkEdit

A full episode from 1980

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