Rich Eisen
The Great Escape
TNT: 6/24/2012-8/26/2012
Fox Television Studios
Imagine Entertainment
Profiles Television Productions
The Hochberg Ebersol Company
The Great Escape was a short-lived reality competition series where three pairs of players would compete for a cash prize of $100,000 by escaping from such locations as a seven-story castle, a deserted island, a sinking ship or a maximum security prison as players must use their wit, skills and whatever tools they can find to overcome obstacles, evade pursuers and make their way to freedom.


Each episode is a single competition among three teams of two contestants with a previous relationship, such as family relations, lifeling friends or married and dating couples. Teams are identified by the color of shirts they wear.

The teams are escorted while blindfolded to an undisclosed location, which varies with each episode. They are locked in cells with the game's "Detainment Zone" that includes a concealed map and the means to release themselves from their cell (such as with a key or with a set of bolt-cutters). When the game starts, teams must find the map, free themselves, and follow the instructions on the map to the first of four stages. Each stage includes a physical or mental challenge the teams must complete that gives them directions to the next stage, a part of a larger "Escape Key" and other miscellaneous tools such as flashlights, which are used as part of the next stage or for their transport. Teams must complete these tasks on their own, typically each given their own identical station, puzzle, or set of equipment to work with. When traversing between stages or working on challenges, teams must avoid detection by "guards" and/or spotlights. If they are spotted, the guards yell out, "(Red/Blue/Green) team, STOP!" and the captured players are forced to drop all current implements (other than the map) to be re-escorted to the "Detainment Zone" where they then must again find the means to escape from detainment. Once free, they can proceed to the point they were captured and recover their equipment, but again must avoid detection by the guards. An announcer broadcasts when the competition is over and which team won. The other two teams are not shown completing the other tasks.

After completing four stages, the teams will need to assemble the Great Escape Key to identify their final destination and reach a "Transport Zone" to be taken to this place. The first team to successfully arrive at this destination (where Eisen is) with the completed Escape Key is awarded the $100,000 prize.


"(Red/Blue/Green) team, STOP!"-Guard


Ron Howard is one of the executive producers of the series.

Host Rich Eisen is best known for being a sportscaster for ESPN and NFL Network.

The show was TNT's first "non-scripted" reality series.


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