Reno Collier
The Great American Road Trip logo
NBC: 7/7/2009 - 8/24/2009
BBC Worldwide
The Great American Road Trip was a short-lived reality travel challenge competition where it follows seven families as they go on a road trip and compete against each other a different landmarks in and around U.S. Route 66 in the United States.


The families are given recreational vehicles for use throughout the competition. They drive from place to place to compete in various challenges. There are two contests each week. The first is the "King of the Road" challenge, in which the winner receives a reward, and the second is the "End of the Road" challenge, in which the losing team goes home.


  • The show was a lead-in to America's Got Talent.
  • Due to low ratings, NBC moved the show to Monday nights, with the next episode coming less than a week later. In the second week, ratings declined about 10 percet.
  • this show only lasted for 8 episodes in total.


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