Opening SpielsEdit

70s Spiel: From Hollywood, almost live, it's the Gong Show!

80s Spiel: "We're back. We're tough. But if you just ain't good enough, we're gonna gong it." Just when you thought it was safe, it's back!!! The Gong Show, with celebrity judges (insert the names of three celebrity judges) Joey Carbone and the Gong Show Guys. And now, ladies and gentlemen, the host with the most, True Don Bleu!!!!


"We'll be back with more stuff, right after these messages."


"Our thanks, everybody, for being with us here today, Milton Delugg, and the band with a thug, (insert judges' names), and this is me saying, ‘Buh-Bye.’" - Chuck Barris (1976-1980)

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