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Ken Hakuta as "Dr. Fad"
Jim Fyfe
David Sterry
Syndicated: 1988-1994
Joanne Roberts Productions
and Tradex Corporation/
WCBS-TV New York

(after intro) Grab your (insert 2 crazy inventions) (insert crazy action or warning) because it's time for the Dr. Fad show! The game show that gives you a sneak peek of what the kids motion thingamajigs and brainstorms the next thing that just might be the next (insert 2 crazy inventions)! And here's your host, a man who (insert crazy or funny phrase here), (Ken Hakuta, otherwise known as) DR. FAD! Dr Fad: Ok, who's got a cool invention?

A game show that encouraged creativity and inventiveness.


Three children competed in a series of challenges as well as pitch a new invention they created to the audience to win.

Before the game started, Dr. Fad asked the audience who brought cool inventions with him/her. To do this, he would choose a random member out of the studio audience. Then, the audience member who has the invention would demonstrate how it works to everyone.

Afterwards, Jim would choose three contestants out of the audience to start the game by saying, "Come on up!".

Round 1 (Fad Lab Challenge)Edit

The three contestants were faced with creating something at what's called the Fad Lab. They received points according to what position they finished in. Here's how they scored:

  • 1st Place - 30 points
  • 2nd Place - 20 points
  • 3rd Place - 10 points

When a tie has occurred, the combined total of all three point values (60 points) were divided according to what position they were in. Here's how they scored:

  • Tie for 1st Place - 25 points (10 for third)
  • Tie for 2nd Place - 15 points (30 for first)
  • Three Way Tie - 20 points for everybody

Round 2 (Brainstorm)Edit

In the Brainstorm round, each kid presented their own original invention to Dr. Fad & the audience. The audience then made a judgement as to which invention they liked the best by ways of applause for each one. Their applause was kept track of with the use of the Fadometer. Each contestant scored anywhere from 0-70 in increments of five based on how much the audience liked their inventions.

The most any contestant can score is 100 points.

Contestants received prizes for their appearances, but the player with the most points won a trip to Earth Shuttle in EPCOT Center at Walt Disney World.

Two games were played each show with two different sets of contestants.


Joe Raposo

Theme LyricsEdit

Dr. Fad! (2x)

Take a walk on the wacky side (Dr. Fad!)

Find some fun that's bona fide! (Dr. Fad!)

For a twist that you never tried, you'll be glad...'ve met Dr. Fad! (Dr. Fad!)

Tunin’ into the latest craze (Dr. Fad!)

Somethin’ silly, to last for days! (Dr. Fad!)

Gadgets, guaranteed to amaze can be had... with Dr. Fad (Dr. Fad!)


Joanne Roberts


  • Future Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? host Greg Lee was the show's audience warm-up man.
  • Jim Fyfe has starred in HBO Educational specials besides being the co-host on the show. He has done HBO specials such as "Earth to Kids", a special about keeping the planet clean, and "Buy Me That Too!", a special to teach kids advertisement.
  • When Jim called the contestants down from the audience to play, he says "Come on up!". It's the opposite of The Price is Right's famous catchphrase "Come on Down!"
  • Joe Raposo was the songwriter and composer for the music on Sesame Street and The Electric Company.


"Time's up in the Fad Lab! Let's see how our contestants did!"- Dr. Fad when time was up in the Fad Lab Challenge.

"Let's hear it for (name) and his/her (invention)!"- Dr. Fad after the contestant shows his/her invention.

"COME ON UP!" - Jim

"Alright (insert contestant)! Welcome to the show!" - Dr. Fad

"That's great!" - Dr. Fad


"We're almost out of time, (insert contestant plug) See ya on the next Dr. Fad Show. And remember... "Don't just follow fads...CREATE THEM!" - Dr. Fad & Audience


Official Site (1)
Official Site (2)

YouTube VideosEdit

The Dr. Fad Show Channel

A Full Episode of the Show

Opening to the Dr. Fad Show
Part 1
Part 2
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