Opening SpielsEdit

1965-1999 Spiel: "From (the Chuck Barris stages in) Hollywood, (California,) the dating capital of the world... (in color)... It's THE (ALL NEW) DATING GAME! And (now,) (here's) the star of the Dating Game/our show (and your host), JIM LANGE/ELAINE JOYCE/CHUCK WOOLERY!"

1973-1974 Spiel: "Tonight on The New Dating Game, you'll meet (insert bachelors/bachelorettes). That's tonight on THE NEW DATING GAME! Now here's the host of The New Dating Game, JIM LANGE!"

1987-1989 Spiel: "Welcome to THE ALL NEW DATING GAME! And here's the host, Jeff McGregor!


"And heeeeeeeeeeeeeere they are." - Jim Lange (1965-1980)


"This is Jim Lange saying Bye-Bye, and we hope you always get the date you really want. (insert Dating Game kiss)" - Jim Lange (1965-1980)

"This is Elaine Joyce saying see you next time and straight ahead." - Elaine Joyce (1986-1987)

"Hope all your dates are good ones tonight, and until next time here's a big kiss to hold you over. (insert Dating Game kiss)" - Chuck Woolery (1997-1999)

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