The Creature Wedge
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The Creature was a fictional character (and a penalty wedge) from the short-lived kids version of Wheel of Fortune called Wheel 2000 which ran on both CBS & GSN simultaneously from 1997 to 1998.


Unlike the Bankrupt from its adult counterpart, when a player lands on "The Creature" wedge, the "Creature" rises from below the wheel and eats the contestant's points and prizes. During the pilot, if the player who hits it had no points, it's the player who gets eaten instead and lays out the rest of the round.

Other namesEdit

In Cark 2000, it's called "Carki Canavar".

In Chiec non ky dieu 2000, it's called "Mat Diem".

Show appearedEdit

Wheel 2000 (1997-1998)

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