Tommy Habeeb
Andrew Dice Clay
Tom Green
Tara Reid
Syndication: 9/19/2015-present
BoPaul Media Worldwide

The Big Big Show is a crazy new weekly talent competition show, featuring amazing acts from around the world competing to impress a panel of celebrity judges and its out-of-control studio audience.


The series features unusual talent contest in front of a panel of three celebrities and has-beens, if they succeed and the act will be showered with thousands of dollars in cash on the spot. However, if the act disappoints the audience and the act will face immediate consequences (ex. buried in garbage, covered in slime or even pelted with day-old Chinese Food) Completely unique, the series takes the TV talent show to a whole new level of craziness.


Host Tommy Habeeb was formerly-known for hosting the long-running, controversial, hidden camera syndicated reality show Cheaters from 2000 until 2002.


Official Website
Official Subsite

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