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The Batter's Box was a game show in Chicago where Cubs fans are pitted against Sox fans in an elimination tournament with a format similar to Who Wants to Be a Millionaire combined with baseball. Winners get a prime seat at their favorite ballpark and get a chance to throw the first pitch.


Two baseball fans (one a Cubs fan, the other a Sox fan) compete in three innings of six baseball questions each (three for each player) on each show.

The player in control can choose to either answer a "Single", "Double", "Triple" or "Home Run" question. The bigger the value, the more difficult the question. On each question, four answers were revealed after the question was asked. Each correct answer takes his/her runner to the appropriate base. But an incorrect answer stands pat. When a fan's runner makes it home, s/he scored a run.


If a fan got stumped, s/he can call for one of two helpers. And here they are:

  • Work the Count (50:50) - Two incorrect answers were eliminated from the question.
  • Pinch Hitter - A friend of the player in control assists in answering the question.

Players can use a helper once in a game and no helper can be used on any "Home Run" question.

The player with the most runs wins the game.


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Based on the Boston-area show of the same name.

Other VersionEdit

The Batter's Box (MA) - Original version of the show from Boston


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