The Rubber Bandits (Dave Chambers & Bob McGlynn)
The Almost Impossible Game Show
MTV: 10/13/2016-present
Endemol Shine North America
Left Hook Media

The Almost Impossible Game Show is an American adaptation of the British format of the same name that's so hard to beat as contestants are given 40 lives...and probably still won't win.


Each episode of this outlandish series features six neon-clad contestants taking on simple, yet hilarious difficult games. To win, these brave contestants must compete four of the six games without running out of lives. If they fail a game, they've got to do it again... and again... and AGAIN. Contestants don't compete against each other, but against the game itself. With challenges such as riding a tiny bike across a balance beam over a mud pit, putting on a pair of trousers while sprinting on a giant treadmill and inflating a balloon to the point of popping using only the power of your buttocks, contestants will never known what's next.

British VersionEdit

The original version of The Almost Impossible Game Show (which also features The Rubber Bandits as commentators) airs on ITV2 since 1 October (October 1) 2015.


Based on the British show of the same name.


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Official Website
Article about the original British version (courtesy of

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