A revival of the rigged 50's quiz, made in the wake of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.


Dick Clark Productions/CBS Productions




Greg Gumbel


Two contestants compete in a qualifying round, each answering toss-up questions. Each question is worth $1,000, with that much deducted for incorrect or a time violation, and the question must be completed before an answer is allowed. The first to $8,000 moves on to the solo round.

From there, the isolation booth is brought in, and the player selects their own specialty category. They are then shown two sub-categories, each containing a multiple choice question that must be answered within 30 seconds. The player cannot bail out at this point. The first of these questions has three choices, then four, then five. Each right answer doubles the player's money up to $64,000, which when reached is guarenteed.

For all subsiquent questions, the sub-categories are dropped, and each of the next four questions now have multiple parts, starting with two for the first one, and continuing up to six for the final question. Again, the player has 30 seconds, but must answer all parts in that time limit. Correct answers again double the money, up to the top prize of $1,024,000. The player can bail out at this point.

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