Jeff Dye
That Awkward Game Show
Spike: 10/12/2016-present
A. Smith & Co. Productions

That Awkward Game Show is the hilarious game show where parents and their adult children compete to win money while learning some of the most ridiculous shocking truths about their next of kin.


Each episode features three teams of two (comprised of one parent and one adult child per team) trying to figure out which embarrassing factoid is related to their teammate (and family member!). In order to advance throughout the game, contestants will have to identify uncomfortable, often outrageous, previously unknown truths about their loved ones. The more matches, the parent/kid duo can make, the more money they win.

Round 1Edit

In round one, the parents are asked multiple-choice questions about their adult children. Each question has four answers to choose from, and the adult children lock in the answers that apply to them the most using tablets. Then, each parent chooses an answer to a question. After two questions, the adult children reveal the answers they locked in with on those questions. If both answers given by an adult child and their parent match, they win money. A correct match on the first question is worth $500, and a correct match on the second question is worth $1,000.

Round 2Edit

In round two, the adult children are asked two multiple-choice questions about their parents. A correct match on the first question is worth $2,000, and a correct match on the second question is worth $3,000.

After two rounds, the team with the most money wins the game. All three teams keep the money, but the winning team advances to the bonus round called Truth Bombs.

Bonus Round: Truth BombsEdit

In Truth Bombs, each member of the winning team is asked five true-or-false questions about their teammate. After each team member answers all five questions, the questions are asked again, and their teammate reveals the correct answer to each question. Each team member has 30 seconds to answer the five questions asked to them, and each correct match adds $1,000 to the money the team won earlier. The winning team can add up to $10,000 to their winnings in this round. This makes the maximum grand total, $16,500.


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