Jed Allan
Unsold Pilot 8/18/1981
Ralph Andrews Productions/
Columbia Pictures Television

ANNOUNCER: "Before we went on the air today, we gave away $10,000 in $100 bills. Let's see that money!" (Audience waves their bills in the air.) "Now we want it back!" AUDIENCE: "No!"  ANNOUNCER: "Well, what's it going to take?" AUDIENCE: "Temptation!" ANNOUNCER: "Yes, it's Temptation, the show where today someone can win cash and prizes worth over $38,000! And here's the star of Temptation, Jed Allan!"

An audience participation pilot, unrelated to the 1967 show of the same name or the 2007 revival of Sale of the Century.


Round 1Edit

One hundred people in the studio audience are given $100 bills. They are offered three "temptations", opportunities to play for a prize, in exchange for their $100 bill. A question is asked, with three choices. The players move to what they think the answer is. If they're right, they receive whatever prize is offered, and move on to the next round. If they lose, they must forfeit their money and return to the audience. Contestants also could elect to reject all three temptations and keep their $100; however, they must return to the audience after Round One.

Round 2Edit

The contestants who won prizes in Round One are now faced with three prizes. A question was asked of the audience, with each answer represented by one of the three prizes. The same rules from Round One applied contestants could move to the prize that they felt was the correct answer (in turn forfeiting their Round One prize), or elect to return to the audience and keep the Round One prize. The contestants who chose the correct answer stayed in the game and now kept their Round Two prize.

Round 3 & 4Edit

Round Three and Four were the same as Round One, except only one prize was at stake. Contestants could choose the answer they thought was right or elect to keep their prize and leave the game. Only one player could survive and that survivor won the game.

Round 5Edit

The final survivor played the final round for the grand prize. Round Five was the same as Round One, only the contestant remaining could choose after seeing the answers if s/he wanted to play. Choosing the right answer won a pair of Cadillac Eldorados.


Stan Worth

Main - "Red Arrow" (formerly the main from Give-N-Take and a prize cue on Liar's Club)

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