Allen Ludden (1968)
Monty Hall (1976)
Jay Stewart
Talking pictures
Unsold Pilots for CBS: 1/1968, 2/25/1968
Unsold Pilots for ABC: 5/11/1976
Stefan Hatos-Monty Hall Productions

Hidden in this picture gallery are ten famous people who will help us play, Talking Pictures! And here to get the game and the fun underway is our own leading man, ALLEN LUDDEN!

Talking Pictures was an unsold game show with elements of Concentration and Hollywood Squares.


Main GameEdit

Two contestants are faced with a picture gallery with ten hidden celebrities. Each one will be uncovered and give a fact about themselves, then the host will repeat those facts and it's up to the players to match the facts with those stars by memory. For every match the contestants make, they'll win $25 and the celebrity's door stays open. Each time there was a mismatch, the wrong celebrity's door re-closes.

By the way, only one of them would be a hidden silent picture who will not give a fact at the start; instead, that star will disguise him/herself as a famous person. The player with the most money at the end of two rounds wins the game.

Winner's RoundEdit

This round is played the same as before except at the start, the stars briefly reveal themselves without information. Then the host gave clues previously given in the main game about each celebrity. The object of the player is to pick the celebrity with that clue behind the door s/he chose. Each correct match added the winning contestant's winning score to his/her total. Regardless if the winning player is right or wrong, the chosen celebrity's door stayed open and all future clues remain unused.

If the winning player does very well here, s/he would win ten times his/her winning score.


The Game Show Pilot Light: Talking Pictures 1968
The Game Show Pilot Light: Talking Pictures 1976
Talking Pictures (1968) at David's Game Show Galaxy

Video LinksEdit

The full 2/25/68 pilot:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

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