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Style guide and namingEdit

Before this project gets too big, I should probably set down a few style guidelines so that the Wiki formatting looks consistent.


Shows should be listed under the most common title.

  • If the show is more commonly known by a short title, then the short title should be used. (Ex. Greed instead of Greed: The Series, The Price is Right instead of The New Price is Right)
  • Abbreviations or short titles (TPiR, WoF, LotHT, GUTS) should redirect to the appropriate game show, if the abbreviations are unambiguous.
  • If a show has multiple runs under the same or similar titles (Match Game, Password), then, as a rule of thumb, the different versions should be put under the same title.
  • If multiple unrelated shows share the same title, the shows should be listed separately, with a number in parentheses following each title. (Ex. Break the Bank (1), Break the Bank (2) and Break the Bank (3))

Page LayoutEdit

The topics should be presented in the following order. More well known shows can have the first three entries in a box in the upper left hand corner of the article.

(A brief summary of the show can be listed here)

  • Hosts - Host(s) of the show
  • Broadcast - Broadcast dates. A graphic of the show's title card can be included above each version. Please scale it to 160 points (160px) for a fullscreen show graphic and 200 points (200px) for a widescreen show graphic
  • Packager - The company that made the show
  • Gameplay - General information about the show: gameplay, rules, etc.
  • Music - Company or people that made the show's music, as well as titles for the themes if possible.
  • Inventor - People or companies that made the show
  • Merchandise - Items related to the show sold to the public, such as board games, video games, home videos, etc.
  • Trivia - Fun facts about the show
  • Links - Links to other sites with more info on the show, as well as to video clips and other resources
  • Categories - Rmember to categorize the show for easy looking up in the future. Use the Categories page to see which categories the shows should be grouped under. A link to the page is available on the main page.

Neubauer 22:13, January 15, 2011 (UTC)

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